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“Just Focus on the one or two really important things, and everything else, just surrender to it” – Naval Ravikant

Well, HELLO – I really don’t know if anyone reads my posts and I have been TERRIBLE about blogging.  But, again, I hope to do better. I hope to make this blog about “other” things and not just about Ryan – though he is the main reason for this website.

SO – as the above quote says, I need to focus on one or two really important things – (not sure what those are yet, but I will try).

It has been a year since Ryan’s book was published – WOW – TIME TRULY FLIES. I am the WORST marketing person ever, and most days I really hate that but I am who I am, so that’s that.  I wish Ryan’s Book was EVERYWHERE, but since I don’t have a publicist and I don’t really have a lot of confidence in my ability to make that happen, it probably won’t be.  BUT, I did set out to do what I wanted – tell Ryan’s story. Ryan and I DID get to go to the Rutherford County Library to sign and sell copies of his book. This happened RIGHT before all the Covid shutdowns. He had a good time and it was fun to meet some new people and see some familiar faces. SO for those who have read Ryan’s book and enjoyed it, A HUGE THANK YOU.  For those who haven’t read it yet, I hope you will do so.

And if anyone needs a gift for a special child, please consider Ryan’s Book. He would be so honored.

Please check on book overview for a link to order.



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