An interesting thing happens when children first meet Ryan. You can read on their faces the different emotions. The curiosity of someone they probably have not seen before. The wonderment of how does this little boy play? Even a little fear that questions is he safe and will he hurt them. Just as they are about to ask their parents what we all would write off as an inappropriate comment made by an innocent child, Ryan smiles. That’s all he does. He smiles.

We’ve all met that someone who immediately lights up a room with his smile. You are drawn to him. You want to get to know him because you think (no, you know) that this person is a friend. That’s Ryan! He exudes such an amazing amount of self-confidence that you become swept up in the energy.

This is a talent that, most probably, you are born with. However it must be cultivated, nurtured, cherished by your family so that it can flourish. For Ryan activities that he is involved in are an event. Mother, Father, Brother, Grandfather and Grandmother (Beth) are always there. They support everything he does unconditionally. They are open and eager for any opportunity that will help in his development and growth.

The words in this book speak the truth. Truths that we can all understand and aspire to in our daily lives. I have been blessed for many years to call Ryan, and his family, friends. He has taught me more than I could ever begin to teach him. You see, someday, I hope to be like Ryan…just different.
— Rick Ryan, President, C.A.P.E. (Challenged Athletes Playing Equally)

“Having known Ryan for such a long time, his story reminded me of the progress we can make if our attitude remains positive.  Ryan has always been the happiest child I know regardless of his challenges.  The book is not only his story but a story that will motivate everyone to press on regardless of your circumstances.  Ryan’s life is a fine demonstration of that.  Most of all it’s a story that the world needs to hear.”
— Cynthia Ford, Principal
Blackman Elementary School
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Murfreesboro, TN 37128
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“The author’s story is about a boy named Ryan who is also handicapped. It is a heartwarming book that can entertain but also help children understand that we are all alike, but different. The author did a wonderful job getting across the fact that all children can be friends if they are taught that we are all different. I highly recommend this book for all our children. I truly believe we can all learn from this sweet story and I believe we would live in a better world.”
— Sue McClary


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