Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, and Tea

“I never laugh until I’ve had my coffee” – Clark Gable

Yesterday was National Coffe Day. As usual, I am behind. I am not much of a coffee drinker. I prefer tea. Nothing beats a good cup of black tea.
Ryan’s first at home nurse was Paula. She was the best thing that ever happened to Ryan as she treated him like a normal kid, as much as that was possible. We did a lot of things with Paula – not just doctor appointments. Paula was a coffee person. We made several trips to Starbucks and many trips to our local Barnes and Noble bookstore. They have a great cafe and we would always get a coffee or tea and a snack and sit and visit or wander while Ryan looked for books. Since we tried to treat Ryan like a normal child, he would always get a coffee with us. Since he had lost the ability to swallow and used a feeding tube for his meals and drink, he didn’t really have coffee. But the barista would always take a cup, write Ryan’s name on it, put on a lid and hand it to him and tell him it was hot and to be careful. He loved that! Sometimes that cup made its way home and he would hang on to it for days. Ryan ALWAYS has a cup that sits on his cart beside his chair. In the morning his mom or dad would always bring him his “cup” of coffee. For his birthday this past year, he said he needed a grown-up coffee cup (as his was plastic and he thought it was little kiddish). So, his mom and dad got him not one, but two, grown-up coffee cups – both with the LSU Logo on it. He loves them. There are sometimes in the afternoon, he will say he needs coffee. Even though he has never tasted it, nor had it given to him thru his feeding tube, I believe he understands the comfort of coffee. Sometimes you just have to have it (or tea).

Even though I have deviated from Ryan’s Story, I hope you will go to the Book Overview and click the link to order.







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