We are all in this together…

“One God, many faces. One family, many races. One truth, many paths. One heart, many complexions. One light, many reflections. One world, many imperfections. One. We are all one, but many.” – Suzy Kassem

WHEW!  Ryan’s Book has launched. I have posted a few blogs. I have had a great response from so many of my friends – and even people I do not know. I hope that everyone will share Ryan’s story. I know everyone can benefit from it.
I will continue to share Ryan’s story, but will also share my other grandchildren and my interests. I always want to hear from everyone – struggles your family may have while raising a special needs child – fun things you do with a child in a wheelchair – any encouragement you may have for others. We are all on this planet together and can always learn something from others.  I am not sure at this point, if anyone has discovered this website and this blog; or if anyone is interested in reading.  Hopefully, it will be discovered and maybe some conversations can be held.
Here are my grandchildren – from a year ago, but it is the most current picture I have of all them together.




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