Let’s Get Motivated!

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” – C.S. Lewis!!

I have decided that Monday’s need to be Motivational Mondays! One reason is because Monday’s are hard on many levels. Another reason is Ryan’s story.  I don’t believe Monday’s are as hard for me as they used to be as I am now retired from what used to be my full-time job. Sunday afternoons and evenings were always difficult for me. There were many things that I thought I needed to have completed prior to my going to work on a Monday morning-laundry, house cleaning, etc. As ridiculous as they sound, they were important to me.
Even though it is early for some parts of the country, school has started in our area and I know that all my grandkids are going to struggle on Monday morning as they get ready to start their first full week of school. Earlier bedtimes on Sunday night, earlier wake up times on Monday. Then there is the routine of the day, and every day of the week. I think all children need a certain amount of routine, but it is so hard to go back to school when it is still summer weather.
Ryan is starting his sophomore year in high school this year. Wow! That just does not seem possible. He had his first full day on a Thursday, followed by Friday and this will be the first full week. He had a marvelous time on Thursday (as he didn’t get out much this summer), but by Friday afternoon was over it. He is very social, but school is tiring.
I also have a grandson who is in the Navy and living in San Diego, CA at this time. I don’t get to see him much, but he is always in my heart. He will tell you that he was a lazy student – and he was – but he is pretty self-motivated now that he is on his own.
I also have a grandson who is a college student locally.  I don’t give him enough credit either.  He will also tell you he was a lazy student, and sometimes doesn’t seem as motivated as I would like, but (so far) seems to be getting the job done.
My next grandson is a senior in high school.  I am not sure that he realizes this will be the best year of his life.  I hope he enjoys it.
My two grandgirls are in the 7th and 3rd grades. I am not allowed to visit the middle school but, hopefully, this year I will still be invited for lunch at the elementary school.
My grandchildren (and my children) are my motivation.
They are always in my heart.

Even though I have deviated from Ryan’s Story, I hope you will go to the Book Overview and click the link to order.







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