Travel is good for the soul.

“All who wander are not lost”- J.R.R. Tolkein

I have a really good friend (you know who you are, Sue), and every time we go somewhere we usually end up getting lost – but it is always an adventure and we usually do not freak out. We have been down many a one-way street. But since we were only going one way, we did not panic (even though we were usually going the wrong way).
My sister and I are the same way. We came on a road trip on Monday to visit my niece and her wife. We are only there for a couple of days and they usually have to work most of the time, but there are some stores in which we like to shop and places we like to see. Plus, we eat out and have dessert. Always a plus! BUT, we always get lost. It is always fun because when we are lost we usually find someplace interesting that we would otherwise have missed.
Life is like that I guess. We plan out we want to happen, try our best to reach our goals, and then something happens and we are “lost”. But in that “lostness” we sometimes find something we did not even know we were looking for. We never expected Ryan to have issues when he was born, but he did and I am not sure about my daughter and son-in-law, but I was definitely “lost” for a while. But in my “lostness”, I discovered that Ryan is the treasure that I did not know I was looking for.
I hope you enjoy reading his story.

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