Ingram Sparks Day!

“Do something every day that scares you” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I love the above quote.  I found it years ago and then forgot about it. I came across it again a few years ago and I try to remember it. It is so true for me as I am so out of my element with writing, publishing and marketing Ryan’s Book. This is not really about Ryan specifically. Today is Ingram Sparks Day. Ingram is a publishing company in my area. They have a self-publishing division called Ingram Sparks, which I used to print Ryan’s Book. They have done a fabulous job. They connected me with several companies who were of invaluable assistance through this long, long, process.
Today, I have been invited to tour their facility and see how their process works. Bill and I are going and I am very interested to see their plant and see how my book is printed.  I am not sure how many people are going to be there, but I was told they were selecting 10 people to do a short video perspective on their book, and why they chose Ingram Spark. I am excited that I am to be one of those people – along with a friend of mine who has written and released a devotional book. It will be very short and I am very nervous as I am not a very “out there” person, but I am excited and hope that it will help me share Ryan’s story.  More to follow!
But it made me think; aren’t children and adults with disabilities nervous most days? They know they are different from other people, but inside they are just the same – with the same insecurities – but different.  Just like Ryan’s Book!
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