Fun Friday!

“It’s not easy being green” – Joe Raposo

I am not sure when Ryan started liking the color green, but he has liked it forever. His first nurse taught him a little bit of sign language because he has a trach and we were not sure if he would be able to really talk, but he can. One of the first things she taught him was his colors. He stuck on green. The walls of his room are green, his wheelchair has green accents. Given a choice of colors, he will pick green every time (unless LSU colors are involved, but that is another story). It makes me think about the song Kermit the Frog used to sing on Sesame Street. He was sad at first that he was green because it was such an ordinary color. Kermit thought it blended in with everything and made him invisible and easy to ignore. He wanted to be red or yellow, or any other color. Then Kermit came to realize that green was special. It was the color of the trees and it could be big, like a mountain. He decided that he was meant to be green and it was who he was. Now, Ryan isn’t green. But he IS happy and even though he is different, like Kermit, he is special.





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