Hello Monday!

“Work Hard, Be Kind, and Amazing Things Will Happen” – Conan O’Brien

Today is Monday, again. Funny how Monday’s seem to come around more quickly than Saturday’s. But, that is OK. Last Wednesday I was invited to attend Ingram Sparks Day at the Ingram facility which is located not far from my home. My husband and I went. We got to tour the facility, sit thru some informational meetings, enjoyed a good lunch, and got to meet so many interesting people. All these people are “readers”, which I love, as I am also a reader. Seeing so many people who were so motivated to write a story and share it with the world was wonderful. They are, like me, an unknown author – at least for the time being. Ingram has allowed us to actually do what we love – tell stories. Some of these people have written fiction, thrillers, motivational, devotionals, or self-help books. A few were also authors of a children’s book, like me. I did not get a chance to have any in-depth conversations with them to find out what their story is. I am always interested in what motivates someone to write and how they get their stories from their head onto paper. I would like to know what works for them to keep them moving forward. It is hard for me to get motivated most of the time. I usually have way too many projects going at one time. I tend to “ping pong” from one thing to the other. I am struggling with motivation. I so enjoyed telling Ryan’s story in his picture book, but that is only a small part of his story and I am struggling with how to tell the rest of the story. Any suggestions?

I hope you enjoy his story!

Please click on the book overview for a link to order Ryan’s Book.



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