The World According to Ryan

“Never bend your head, Hold it High; Look at the World Straight in the Eye” – Helen Keller

The conversation started like this:
Nana – How was school this week?
Ryan – Good (typical reaction of a kid)
Nana – What is your favorite part of your school day?
Ryan – Lunch. (Really?)
Nana – Why Lunch? (because I am not sure that he actually goes to the cafeteria)
Ryan – Because I said so.
So, that was my conversation with Ryan the other day about school. The conversation is probably like every other person’s conversation about school with a teenager. It is not that he isn’t willing to share his day with me. It is more about that he was watching “Cash Cab” on the TV and getting ready to go bowling. And it was Saturday and school was over for the week, so he was on to better things.
I forget that in a lot of ways Ryan IS just like other kids. It IS all about him, haha.
It seems that for the first few years of his life we were in and out of the hospital with various things. A common cold could send him there as his body just sometimes could not fight things off in a normal way. I think his birthday was celebrated at the hospital for the first few years. It was so exciting when we actually got to celebrate it at home for the first time. We do not take any year for granted. As I said previously, at one time, I could tell you every surgery, every hospital visit and every trip to the ER, but thankfully some of that has left my brain.  It has probably not left his parent’s brains – or maybe his – but I will try and remember and walk thru the other visits and surgeries, as there have been many.
I hope you enjoy Ryan’s Story.
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