Road Trip

“On the road again, on the road again, going places that I’ve never been” – Willie Nelson

For the past several years, my sister and I have been trying to take an August road trip. Not really sure how it started. Last year we went to Tallahassee to visit her daughter, my niece. We are usually only gone for a few days. We ended up being there when Hurricane Michael came through Florida. Tallahassee suffered some downed limbs and power lines but managed to escape the devastation that the gulf coast received. Our drive home was an adventure as we could not go on the interstate toward the gulf to hit I65 north. We were on back roads that were covered in huge downed trees and with no cell service we had to guess on our route. It was interesting as every small town lacked power and the restrooms at the local convenience stores were dark and sketchy. It was fun. We never panicked or got upset. It was an adventure and we love adventures. We are hoping to go again this year, but are waiting on weather reports as there is another hurricane headed that way. We are wondering if we are bad luck for the state of Florida.

Ryan doesn’t travel much. When he was two years old we all went to Gatlinburg, TN for a few days. Bill and I, Amy, Bryan, Brandon and Ryan drove from here. Robert, Jill, and the kids drove from Virginia and met us there. Mostly Bill and I babysat Ryan while everyone went and did things, but that was the plan. We tried to keep Ryan a little isolated. Not because we didn’t want people seeing him, but because he seemed to catch everything that was out there. But, we were all together in the evenings and made some great memories.

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