Sew and Sew, and Sew and Sew

“Kids don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.” – Jim Henson

Today is the first day of sewing retreat. A group of great friends travel a short distance to spend a few days doing what we love – sewing. There is also a lot of fun, food, and fellowship. It’s FABULOUS. However, before I can make the trip I make a stop at Ryan’s. I have to get him to look at me and promise that he will behave while I am gone. And by behave, I mean no trips to the emergency room. That has happened a couple of times in the past, but luckily, nothing that required an overnight stay. I sometimes wish that I had kept up with the number of visits we have made, but I think that would only depress me. In the big picture, we have been extremely lucky. So, he promised he would behave and I am going to hold him to that. I tell his mother to keep me posted while I am gone, but she is busy. So, I guess no news is good news. Sometimes Ryan will text me thru his I-Pad, sometimes not. I can keep in touch with his brother, but I cannot keep in touch with the other grands as they have a different cell provider and I am currently in a black hole.
So, having my ducks lined up before I leave town is important to me. I have to tell everyone to stay in touch and that I love them – it’s a hard job.

So, drove a couple of hours last night and arrived in time to set up my sewing space, figure out what I was going to work on and go to bed. It is hard remembering all I need to bring, what I Might need to work on, and packing and unpacking. BUT, it is well worth it.
So, instead of sewing right now, I am writing. It’s OK.

I did receive the notice today for Ryan’s book signing in another week. My good friend is having a signing for Ryan and I. He is so excited. Hopefully, his mother ordered his stamp because signing really wears him out.

I hope you enjoy his story!

Please click on the book overview for the link to order.



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