Now I have to market

“Nothing is more exhausting than the task that is never started.” —Gretchen Rubin

This is so true. I have agonized over this Blog. I loved writing and telling Ryan’s story, but I am not a very “out there” person. Now that his story is on the verge of publication, I have to “market”. It was torture enough to actually get the courage to share this story. I have worked closely with 1106 Design thru Ingram Sparks for a year. Yikes! It has taken a year to get this book to publication – that in and of itself is mind blowing. However, in one of my first conversations with Michele DeFilippo with 1106 Design she reminded me that this is not all about me. This is about getting Ryan’s story out there to help other children and adults see that even though people are different in physical and mental ways, we are all the same inside.

Ryan was born with several different issues. He had respiratory issues and a minor heart issue which corrected itself. He also had a tumor behind one of his eyes, which was removed when he was two months old and luckily turned out to be nothing but a teratoma, which was benign. Ryan’s main issue was spina bifida. His was located at the very base of his spine which is rare and why the doctors said it did not show up on his ultra sound. I believe that Ryan has endured every complication that can possible come with spina bifida, but he is still the happiest little guy you would want to know.

I hope you enjoy his story!

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