Right Face, Left Face, About Face, a Hero’s Face

“Fair Winds and Following Seas.”-  unknown

Today is the U.S. Navy’s birthday. Ryan, of course, is not in the Navy, but my father was in the Navy during World War II. He was a CeeBee. So, of course he could build anything. My son joined the Navy after a couple of years in college. He retired a few years ago and made Chief before he retired. I believe that he achieved the rank of Chief in 10 years and that was excellent.
I also have a grandson (Zach) who is currently serving in the U.S.Navy. I cannot remember how long he has been in but it has been several years. Zach was stationed in Hawaii for a few years and that was his dream post. He could surf, scuba dive and spend lots of time outdoors which he loves. He also, however, spent many months on a submarine – and therefore at the bottom of the ocean. I am not sure where all he went when he was out on the submarine because he couldn’t really say. I think I am ok with that.
So, this blog is not about Ryan. He is my youngest grandson, but not my youngest grandchild.
I am so proud of ALL my grandchildren. Sometimes it seems that Ryan gets more attention, but we love them all the same.

My grandchildren (and my children) are my motivation.
They are always in my heart.

Even though I have deviated from Ryan’s Story, I hope you will go to the Book Overview and click the link to order.







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