Forget the Mistake

“Forget the Mistake, Remember the Lesson” – ?

Today is the last day of my every other month sewing retreat. It is always bittersweet. We have had such fun, fellowship and lots of food, that we are all exhausted. None of us seem to have the time at home to sew all day for several days in a row. It used to be all about how much we could get accomplished. Now, we do like to accomplish a lot, but we also take lots of breaks. Some take power naps, some long naps, and some just relax out on the porch. We are so blessed that we have such a wonderful place to visit. Lots of mistakes are made in our sewing. Someone is always having to rip out a seam, or re-cut a pattern. But, we always learn that mistakes are okay, that maybe there is a better way to do what we want to do, and there is always a friend or two who can help us figure it out. Someone inevitably forgets an essential item, but someone else can usually provide the forgotten item. We are all blessed by the friendships that have (and are) forming.
Before coming on retreat I always have to tell my grandkids bye. And during this retreat visit, I missed taking Emma to dance class, which I love to do. I also missed the last day of bowling with Ryan. That is also bittersweet.
I am so thankful that my family supports me in all my hobbies and interests. Hopefully, they know that I would be home in a heartbeat if someone needed me. They try not to bother me, but they know the rules…Nana needs to know.

I hope you enjoy Ryan’s story.
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