Friday Again

“The place between your comfort zone and your dream is where life takes place” – Helen Keller

It’s Friday again and I would like to say it is Fun Friday, but I don’t think I am a very “fun” person. I have always been too serious. I have a very limited comfort zone. I like the outside temperature between 70-85. I like the inside temperature about 72 (except for sleeping weather, I like that cold). I like routine (mostly) and I like all my peeps to be in their assigned places so that I know everyone is OK. Having said that, ever since Ryan has been born, I have been way out of my comfort zone. After his 8 week stay in the hospital when he was little to have his Chiari Malformation decompressed, and to have a trach and feeding tube input, he got to come home. I know Mom and Dad were WAY overwhelmed for a while, but they were wonderful. They handled his day to day care like champs. He was still a newborn, but also had lots of equipment to deal with. I know they were out of their comfort zone. The first time I babysat for him I was terrified. Yes, I will admit that. It is hard enough to babysit a newborn, but one attached to a ventilator with tubes everywhere, who wants to wiggle and squirm, that was hard. I so admire Ryan’s parents for all they do and have done for him. Theirs is not a normal life, but they still try to do things for themselves and together. They also have included Ryan in Everything they do. He has never been shuttled away to his room. God could not have chosen better parents for him.
They are out of their comfort zone every day!

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